Itchy Scalp Symptoms,Causes and Treatment

Itchy Scalp:Symptoms,causes,treatment

Are you feeling itchy all the time?Are you fed up with scratching your head at office and home?Then you must read the below article to know the causes for your itchy head and treatment options available to get out of this situation.

Symptoms of Itchy Scalp:

  • Irritation on the scalp
  • Flaky scalp
  • Dry skin


Causes and Treatment of Itchy Scalp:

A white flakes of dead skin cells that we see on the scalp or hair is called as dandruff.Although it is not contagious or life threatening,it is embarrassing/irritating and itchy.These white flakes can be seen on scalp,shoulders and sometimes on your pillows.

Seborrheic Dermatitis:

This is one of the most common cause for itchy head and dandruff.It can be seen in areas of the body that have a high density of oil-producing glands.It affects men,women irrespective of age.It mainly affects the scalp where you can observe red,greasy skin covered with large flake of skin cells.Seborrheic dermatitis can also be seen on other oily areas of their body such as eyebrows,nose,backs of ears, upper chest and back.
Seborrheic Dermatitis can be treated by using antidandruff shampoo that contains one of these key ingredients:Ketoconazole,Coal tar,Zinc pyrithione,Salicylic acid and Selenium sulfid.

Scalp psoriasis:

Psoriasis is a problem in an immune system which grows too many skin cells on various parts of the body including scalp.Psoriasis causes red, swollen patches on the body with itching and flaking as well.
Psoriasis can be treated by Topical corticosteroids,Vitamin D analogues,Topical retinoids,Salicylic acid and Coal tar. If these treatment don’t work,you need to consult dermatologists for better treatment.

Tinea Capitis:

Most commonly known as ringworm is a fungal infection which infects our body including scalp.Once we develop ringworm on scalp,we can observe round patch causing itching,burning and eventually hair fall.This can be spread from one person to other person via combs,common towel and brushes.
Use Anti-fungal shampoos,oral antifungal medicines such as griseofulvin,terbinafine and itraconazole.Avoid sharing personal belongings with others.


It’s most common in babies and children, but anyone can get it. This is a condition where your scalp feels itchy and flaky.Eczema can be treated by Emollients,Topical Steroids,Atopic Eczema and Discoid Eczema.

Dry skin:

This is the another common cause of Dandruff.Dry skin on the scalp can cause scaly flakes.These flakes are tiny,less oily and itchy most of the time.

Dry Skin Treatment:

  • Stay Hydrated-Drink Plenty of water
  • Try eating foods that have omega-3s,vitamin B7
  • Avoid excessive styling,styling tools and products
  • Use a gentle shampoo

Lice and Nits:

This is most commonly found in women and children.The presence of parasite’s saliva on the hair makes the scalp itch.The eggs of lice called as nits also cause itching on the scalp.These can be seen through naked eye and are usually attach to the hair shaft close to the scalp.They also transfer easily from one person to another.You can visit how to treat head lice to prevent and treat head lice.


An under-active thyroid can lead to dry skin,Itchy scalp and hair loss.

Not Washing Enough:

Infrequent washing of hair attracts fungus which develops dandruff.It also develops excessive oil and dead skin cells that causes flaking and itching.So washing your hair thrice a week and brushing your hair twice a day is recommended.

Allergic reaction:

Some medications,products and environmental changes cause allergic reactions to your body including scalp.So it is recommended to take precautionary steps to avoid such type of situation.

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